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One Song in the Symphony

and it's not a solo.

I'll see your "wait..." and raise you a "bzuh?"
8 April
Man. "Bio". Like these journals aren't about their authors already.

Though I suppose that writing here can save time for those who want to know the context, and as my hermeneutics professors always told me, when it comes to interpreting things, be they sacred scripture or movies or people, context is everything. So here we go:

I'm a Christian geek.

I'm musical: soprano. I'm an Evangelical Mennonite, to be precise about "Christian". I love fantasy and sci-fi, having been introduced to Narnia and Star Trek before I was eight, and having a lifelong love affair with The Lord of the Rings. I'm introverted, argumentative, sentimental, analytical, and pedantic. I've lived in the same city all my life, though I love traveling. I'm single. My roommate is a huge, cuddly fluffball of a cat named Jules. I have an amazing immediate and extended family. I like tea over coffee, Firefox over Chrome, dark chocolate over milk chocolate, and four-part harmony over pretty much everything. I was 29 before anybody figured out I had ADHD - including me.

I use this journal to philosophize over the nature of existence and to engage in geek squee. Often in the same post. Either that or I'm talking about how people are weird, or my friends and family are awesome, or the weather is unbelievable.

If you decide to start reading, please introduce yourself! And feel free to argue things. But only if you don't mind if I argue back.

Current geek obsession:
Star Wars
Harry Potter
Stargate SG-1
Doctor Who
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
The Beatles